Parental Media Consent

As the parent or legal guardian of a participant in the Monse-Heart Healthcare & Safety Tutoring Institute LLC programs, you implicitly grant us permission to use your child’s image, likeness, and any interview statements in our publications, advertising, or other media activities (including the Internet). This consent includes, but is not limited to:

  • The right to interview, film, photograph, tape, create video reproductions, or record your child’s voice.
  • The right to use your child’s name.
  • The right to utilize quotes or excerpts from the interview, the film, photograph(s), tape(s) or reproductions, and/or voice recordings of your child in our publications, newspapers, magazines, other print media, television, radio, electronic media (including the Internet), theatrical media, or mailings for educational awareness.

This consent is provided on an ongoing basis and does not necessitate prior approval. Should you wish to rescind this agreement, you are required to provide us with a written statement expressing this decision.

By accessing our website or using our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to this Media Consent on behalf of your minor child. If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from using our services or website on behalf of your minor child. The continued usage of our services or website signifies acceptance of these terms and any subsequent updates. It is your responsibility to periodically review this policy and stay informed about any changes.