1 Corinthians

Class1 Corinthians 1-1514 Hours
Examine the themes and timeless wisdom that shape Paul’s first letter
to the Corinthians.

Class Overview

First Corinthians is the Apostle Paul’s first letter to a specific group of people facing unique challenges in their community. The letter explores self-image, identity, pride, insecurity, sex, marriage, singleness, leadership, church gatherings, and men and women relating to one another in community. Explore the historical context, sociological background, and key themes in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians and see the wisdom it has for modern Jesus followers.

13hrs 40min
Lecture Time
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Your Instructor

Dr. Lucy Peppiatt
Lucy Peppiatt is the Principal of Westminster Theological Centre (WTC) where she teaches Systematic Theology and Spiritual Formation. She has published on a number of topics including 1 Corinthians, discipleship and spiritual formation, Christ and the Spirit, the imago Dei, and women in the Bible. She and her husband, Nick Crawley, live in Bristol, UK where they are part of Crossnet Church.

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