English for healthcare providers is our unique course specially designed for international doctors and other healthcare professionals to improve their English fluency level.

The course offers an English-speaking healthcare environment to the students through an online video conferencing platform, where students have one-on-one and small group face to face conversations with their instructor. Students are exposed to native English speakers, giving them an atmosphere to practice accurate and effective English communication.

Even though reading and writing are essential, the real test is to listen effectively and speak (that requires using everything one has learned up to this point), process information quickly, and speak in English.

Instructors work with students on sharpening their listening and speaking skills through role-playing in a medical setting. Patient-nurse and patient-doctor and several other scenarios are used to practice communication.

How a healthcare provider interacts with patients has a significant effect on the patient’s overall healthcare experience, understanding of their condition, and treatment options. Healthcare providers’ tone of voice, choice of words, and body language build their reputation and impact patients’ and families’ mindsets.

To achieve excellence in healthcare delivery, particular emphasis is placed on helping students learn to practice bedside mannerism, which is crucial in gaining patient’s trust and confidence in the healthcare provider.

The course length depends on the student’s language skills; they may enroll in the class with monthly packages until they reach their desired level. The course aims to have improved clinical communication skills that enable healthcare providers to deliver safe and effective patient care to English-speaking individuals.

Students preparing for the Occupational English Test (OET) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) may also benefit from this program.