Becoming A Celebrity:
Learn to Speak Fluent English

Are you ready to become the celebrity you always dreamed of becoming one day?

Monse-Heart Tutoring Institute is here to help.

Acting about being who you are; it’s about becoming the character you’re asked to play. Learning to speak fluent English will allow you to be considered for more acting roles, opening up doors you never thought possible. Monse-Heart can help the amateur to professional actors and actresses accomplish this much-needed skill.

English Fluency 101: English speaking practice course for all Levels: Practice makes perfect! Get talking! Idioms, Functional Language, Vocabulary, Adjectives & Adverbs. Listening Activities: Authentic graded English to promote naturalness and fluency.

English for showbiz: This course combines English Fluency 101 and script rehearsals to help students gain pronunciation and body language proficiency.

Script rehearsal

Fluency Practice

Do You or your child want to be the next Super Star?


Children >13