English Pronunciation: Advanced (Intense) 6 Months Access 24 (60 minutes) One-on-one sessions 1 Live Session per week


It is recommended to study the consonant phonemes in the Essential Pronunciation course first. These base sounds are then combined to make consonant clusters. Platform Access 6 months access 


Advanced Pronunciation Course

Achieve Linguistic Precision with Exceptional English Articulation

Course Overview:
Elevate your English articulation beyond ordinary with the Advanced Pronunciation Course at Monse-Heart Institute. Designed with precision, this course hones in on the intricacies of consonant clusters, ensuring your English pronunciation mirrors the clarity and authenticity of native speakers.

Digital Learning At Its Best: With 24/7 Access To Our State-Of-The-Art Learning Management System (LMS), The Advanced Pronunciation Course Unveils:

  • Deep Dive into Consonant Clusters: Master the challenge of English articulation, with focused lessons on consonant clusters, pivotal for sharp pronunciation.
  • Expert-Led Modules: Grasp the complexities of pronunciation with guidance from our seasoned instructors, providing actionable insights and resources to elevate your articulation.
  • Real-time Feedback and Assignments: Experience adaptive learning, with the freedom to prioritize consonant clusters of your choice, combined with tailored assignments that target your specific learning needs.

Is this course for you?
This transformative course is ideal for individuals who aspire to:

  • Excel in articulating English consonant clusters with finesse.
  • Boost their spoken clarity, confidence, and overall comprehensibility.
  • Mirror the pronunciation nuances of native English speakers, setting them apart in any conversation.

Why Monse-Heart Institute?
Our Advanced Pronunciation Course is more than just an educational endeavor; it’s a commitment to reshaping your English pronunciation. It’s about instilling the confidence and capability to articulate with distinction. Enroll with us and let each word you utter be a testament to your linguistic mastery.Top of Form