IELTS Academic (Express Review Self-Study) 3 Months Access


Final review for the self-motivated learner ready for the test.   Duration Access (03 Month)



Online IELTS Test Preparation

IELTS Academic Training: Your Pathway to Higher Education and Professional Success

For individuals aiming for undergraduate or postgraduate study, or seeking professional registration in English-speaking countries, IELTS Academic Training is the ideal pathway. This exam, designed to measure your academic English language proficiency, is pivotal in your journey towards educational advancement and professional achievements.

At Monse-Heart Institute, we endorse the significance of top-tier instruction and comprehensive practice materials for driving your success. Our IELTS Academic Training provides: 

  • An expansive selection of practice questions 
  • Interactive Live Classes conducted by Expert Teachers 
  • Thorough Writing and Speaking Assessments 
  • Rigorous Mock Tests 

In partnership with E2Language, we incorporate their tested strategies by E2 Test Prep. Rooted in a deep understanding of score criteria, these methods consistently yield superior results.
With the joint expertise of E2 educators and our seasoned team, including former examiners, we guide you towards excellence. We recognize the dedication needed for high scores and are committed to assisting you. Begin your journey to success with Monse-Heart Institute.